Building donated to Fairfield

A large office building and former store has been donated to the City. One idea for use of the building is to do a swap with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, which owns the tracks that come through the City. The historic Fairfield train station (PHOTO) has been used for the past 40 years for storage and as a workshop for local rail workers. The station adjoins Howard Park, located two blocks from the City Square and currently the site of the local farmer’s market. There have been several suggestions for the new uses for the building, including an art museum and a restaurant. The best idea I  heard is t o make it a train station again. Fairfield is on the main Amtrak line that runs from Chicago to San Francisco and the Council intends to start negotiations with Amtrak to get them to stop here again. So the station may go back to its original use.

This building has been donated to the City of Fairfield and may be swapped for the train station (below).

Fairfield's train station

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